More On Weimaraner Dogs

If you enjoy camping, don’t forget to take your Weimaraner dogs along for the fun! However, there are many things you need to consider before you take your dog with you out into the wild.

For starters, if you have a city dog and this will be the first time your dog will be introduced to nature, you need to warm him up to the adventure before you bring him into the woods. How can you warm your dog up to the idea of camping? Simple – take him to country parks where he will learn to familiarize himself with nature and adjust to the new smells and sights. Another good idea is to take him on a hike or nature trail. Essentially, the point to these country excursions is so you don’t overwhelm your Weimaraner dogs when you take him camping for the fist time.

Secondly, you’ll need to warm your dog up to the idea of sleeping in a tent. If your dog has never seen or been inside a tent before, he’s not going to be wild about it when the time comes to use it. Therefore, set up the tent prior to camping in your backyard. Introduce your Weimaraner dogs to the tent. Go inside and invite him in. The more your dog becomes familiar with the tent, the less likely he will develop a fear of enclosed spaces.

Thirdly, make sure your Weimaraner dogs are healthy, and all of his information is up-to-date. This includes making sure he has all of his shots and his tags are current. Furthermore, you should ensure that you bring a dog first aid kit with you on your trip.

Other equipment that you should bring for your dog on a camping trip includes:

  • Travel bag – a place where you can store all of your Weimaraner dogs supplies such as food, water dish, ball, toy, etc. Note: bring your own water supply. Don’t give your dog water from rivers or streams. This could make him sick.

  • Leash – It’s always wise to keep your dog on a leash, particularly if this will be his first camping trip.
  • Waste bags – Bring plenty of extra bags so you can clean up after your dog when he eliminates.
  • Flea collar – this will lower the number of fleas that will be attracted to your dog.

Finally, make sure you find out before you go camping if the site where you will be staying is dog friendly. Always read all regulations that apply to campgrounds.

When you plan it right, you and your Weimaraner dogs can have an excellent time camping together.

Stopping Weimaraner Puppy Bad Habits

One of the first things you will discover about your Weimaraner puppy when you bring him home is his love for chewing. Understand, not all chewing is bad and should not be discouraged. This is because your puppy will go through a teething phase, and chewing will help to relieve the discomfort in his mouth. Therefore, your job isn’t to stop him from chewing, but to make sure he has the right objects to chew.

It is imperative that you provide your Weimaraner puppy with the right chew toys and discourage him for chewing other things around your home. You will not only want to do this to save your own personal belongings, but also to protect your puppy from injury, choking or serous health problems.

You may not realize, but there are likely items in your home that are potentially dangerous to your dog. Some items include but are not limited to:

  • House plants (some plants are actually poisonous to dogs)
  • Mouse traps
  • Electrical cords
  • Plastic wrappers
  • Small plastic toys
  • Etc.

 You can keep your Weimaraner puppy safe from these hazards by making sure the plants in your home are not poisonous to dogs. Get rid of mouse traps. Keep wrappers and small toys off the floor and out of your dog’s reach. Keep electrical cords well hidden so they don’t tempt mischievous puppies.

The following are ways you can deter you dog from chewing objects other than his chew toys.

 Confinement – When you will be leaving your Weimaraner puppy home alone, confine him in a safe area where he won’t be able to get into mischief. The best thing to do is to crate train him.

Put a bad taste in his mouth – you will find that pet stores sell products that deter dogs from chewing. The products are usually sprays that you can apply to your shoes, purse, etc. that your dog will find disgusting. When you dog attempts to chew an item, they will only taste a bitterness they won’t like.

Watch him closely – Watch your Weimaraner puppy whenever you can so you can observe his behavior. If you catch him chewing on something you’ve labeled as “off limits”, tell him “No!” in a firm voice and take away the item. Immediately after you discipline him, provide him with his proper chew toy. As soon as he starts to chew his toy, praise him to show him this is acceptable behavior.

Do not scold your dog for chewing up your stuff if you do not catch him in the act. He will not understand why you are mad at him. Don’t forget that dog’s associate your praise or discipline with the last act they have just committed.

 Affection and Attention – Play with your Weimaraner puppy and spend plenty of time with him. Include him in as many of your daily activities as you can, and give him plenty of exercise. Many dogs chew excessively when they are bored or are left to their own devices. A destructive puppy is an unhappy puppy.

Your goal is to keep your Weimaraner puppy safe and happy. The more time you spend with him, the more content he will be, and the more you will be able to control his habits.

Weimaraner Training Tips

Weimaraner training is a must for your dog. This breed is incredibly high strung and intelligent. Without the proper guidance and attention, they can become quite destructive, suspicious and insecure. Hence, proper obedience training is a must for this breed. An experienced trainer can help you gain the control and confidence you need, to give your dog the direction and understanding he requires to develop into a credit to his breed.

Of course, not all Weimaraner training should deal with behavioral commands. Sometimes, the lessons you teach your dog can be for the sake of playing and having a good time. One such technique is teaching your Weimaraner how to play fetch.

The following information will provide you with the steps you need to make Weimaraner training for fetch a successful and enjoyable experience for both you and your dog.

Fetch is one of the easiest lessons you can teach your dog. Why? Because it is in a dog’s nature to carry things in his mouth. Therefore, the best items you can use for Weimaraner training in regards to fetch are his favorite toys. Note: Make sure your Weimaraner first knows the “Sit” and “Stay” commands before teaching him fetch.

 Step 1 – Begin training by having your dog sit. Put his toy three steps away from him so he can clearly see where it is. Tell your dog to find his toy by saying, “Find Toy” or “Find” along with the actual name of the toy. As soon as he goes to the toy praise him immediately. Even if he doesn’t make contact with the toy, praise him for his action and give him a treat.

Continue to repeat this Weimaraner training step until he picks up the toy. Take it slow, give him encouragement and praise him each time he goes to the toy. Once he is successful, take a break. Have a nice play time and relax before going back to the lesson.

Step2 – Once your Weimaraner has managed to retrieve his toy, your next task is to get him to bring it to you. He will likely come towards you with the toy in his mouth upon instinct. If not, call him to you with encouraging words and then praise him as soon as he comes towards you with the toy, and reward him with a treat. Continue to praise him each time he brings you the toy, but do not give him a treat.

Your new goal is to now get him to trade his toy for a treat. Offer your hand for the toy. If he puts the toy in your hand, immediately praise him and give him the treat as a reward. When you have achieved your goal, take a nice long break.

Step 3 – The final step to the fetch Weimaraner training lesson is to have your dog actually find his toy. This means you randomly hide toys or other objects around your home or outside for your dog to find and bring to you. This is a fun game both you and your dog will enjoy once he understands how it works.

To start, only use one toy and show it to your dog, allowing him to sniff it. Then tell your dog to “Stay”, and hide the toy (at first, don’t hide it in a difficult or far away location, simply put it in another room until your dog gets the idea). When you return, give your dog the command to “Find” the toy. When he comes back successful, immediately praise and offer him a reward the first few times so he gets the idea.

Weimaraner training should be fun and enjoyable. When you are consistent and patient with your teaching, you will get results from your dog. Staying focused and positive makes all the difference in the world.